Creek Creepers

2017-2018 Outreach

ECU Education Course in Costa Rica (scheduled)June 2018
FTC Competition01/20/2018
Hope Lodge12/19/2017
Swift Creek Elementary School12/18/2017
Future Sight STEM Career Expo12/16/2017
ECU Education Day12/14/2017
Robox Sumo - ECU Graduate Education Program12/04/2017
Robox Sumo - ECU Undergraduate Education Program11/29/2017
FRC Workshop at Johnston Community College11/18/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC 11/17/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC11/17/2017
Pitt County Animal Shelter11/14/2017
Barnes & Noble Maker Faire - Greenville, NC11/12/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC11/11/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC 11/10/2017
Regional FLL Tournament and FLL Jr. Expo - Greenville, NC 11/4/2017
RHA Health Services10/23/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC10/21/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC10/20/2017
Pitt County RoboxSumo Event10/14/2017
Canine Crawl - Greenville, NC10/14/2017
Red Oak Elementary, Red Oak, NC10/13/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC10/07/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC10/06/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/30/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC09/29/2017
Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County Tech Night @ Eastern Elementary09/26/2017
Emergency Buckets for Hurricane Victims in Texas09/19/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/16/2017
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC09/15/2017
New FLL Coaches Workshop09/09/2017
Ayden Collard Festival - Ayden, NC09/09/2017
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/02/2017
Tech Sessions - Vance County, NC08/26/2017
Solar Eclipse Party @ A Time for Science08/21/2017
Ayden Block Party08/19/2017
TechFEST @ South Central HS08/07/2017creek creeper icon
Girl Scouts - Wilson, NC08/04/2017
Mars Rover Camp @ A Time for Science08/04/2017
A Time for Science & Go-Science Merge Party07/30/2017
ECU Lab School opening at South Greenville Elementary07/29/2017
Creek Creepers @ A Time for Science07/28/2017creek creeper icon
Creek Creepers @ A Time for Science07/21.2017 creek creeper icon
FLL Jr. Camp @ Go Science07/17-20/2017
FLL Camp @ Go Science  *WITN Coverage07/10-14/2017
Autism Walk and Run06/24/2017
Creek Creepers @ A Time for Science06/23/2017creek creeper icon
Creek Creepers @ A Time for Science06/16/2017creek creeper icon
2nd annual Bark for Life event at Greensprings Park05/20/2017
Relay for Life04/28/2017
Farmville Palazzo04/27/2017
Bark for Life Fundraiser04/25/2017
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Past Seasons' Outreach

ECU Earth Day Expo Celebration04/11/2017
Pitt County Cancer Survivor Dinner04/10/2017
Intra-generational Community Center Event04/08/2017
Regional Elementary Science Olympiad03/18/2017
Regional Middle & High School Science Olympiad02/25/2017
February 2017
Unnatural Resources Fair - Pitt County, NC02/3-5/2017
Evening Rotary - Greenville, NC01/16/2017
Robox Sumo - Craven County, NC01/10/2017
Winterville Fire DepartmentDecember 2016
Ayden Court Rehabilitation and Nursing CenterDecember 2016
Kiwanis Club - Greenville, NC12/13/2016
Farmville Christmas Parade - Farmville, NC12/10/2016
Robox Sumo at C. M. Eppes Middle School - Greenville, NC12/03/2016
ECU Game - Greenville, NC11/12/2016
Ayden Christian Care Center - Pitt County, NC11/08/2016
11/05 - 06/2016
FLL Tournament - Winterville, NC11/04 - 05/2016
Eastern Elementary STEM night11/01/2016
Canine Crawl - Pitt County, NC10/30/2016
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC10/28/2016
Hurricane Relief Safety Kits - Greenville, NC10/19/2016
ECU Game - Greenville, NC10/01/2016
Pitt County Animal Shelter and Humane Society - Pitt County, NCSeptember 2016
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC09/30/2016
Collard Festival - Ayden, NC09/10/2016
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/03/2016
Summer 2016creek creeper icon
Bark For Life - Pitt County, NC06/05/2016
Aurora Fossil Festival05/29/2016
Farmville Rotary - Farmville, NCFebruary 2016
Women's Shelter - Pitt County, NCFebruary 2016
STEM Outreach - Martin County, NC01/28/2016
Greenville Noon Rotary - Greenville, NCDecember 2015
East Carolina University's Innovation Lab Grand Opening - Greenville, NCDecember 2016
Robox Sumo at CM Eppes - Greenville, NC12/05/2015
A Time For Science Expo- Greenville, NCNovember 2015
ECU Game- Greenville, NC11/28/2015
Panera Night- Greenville, NC11/17/2015
FLL Tournament - Winterville, NC11/13-14/2015
B&N Maker Faire- Greenville, NC11/08/2015
ECU Game- Greenville, NC11/07/2015
B&N Maker Faire - Greenville, NC11/06/2015
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF11/02/2015
Down East Heart Walk - Greenville, NC11/01/2015
A Time For Science Night Run - Ayden, NC10/30/2015
Humane Society Drive - Greenville, NC10/27/2015
State Bridging the Gap Conference - Raleigh, NCOctober 2015
ECU Game - Greenville, NC10/22/2015
ECU Game - Greenville, NC10/17/2015
Robox Sumo at Martin County Middle Schools - Martin County, NC10/03/2015
Pitt County SWENext - Greenville, NCSeptember 2015
ECU Informal Science Education - Greenville, NCSeptember 2015
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/26/2015
Greenville Evening Rotary Club - Greenville, NC09/21/2015
Collard Festival - Ayden, NC09/12/2015
ECU Game - Greenville, NC09/05/2015
Pitt County Tech Fest - Greenville, NC08/10/2015
Robox Sumo with Boy Scouts for Robotics Merit Badge - Greenville, NCAugust 2015
Science Fair - Lenoir County, NCAugust 2015
National Nights Out Event - Greenville, NCAugust 2015
Science Fair - Lenoir County, NCJuly 2015
Greenville Summer Camp for At Rick Students - Greenville, NCJuly 2015
Grifton Library - Grifton, NCJuly 2015
UNICEF International - NicaraguaJune 2015
Innovators in Action Summer Camp - Greenville, NCJune 2015
Fossil Festival - Aurora, NCMay 2015
UNICEF's Project Tap ProgramApril 2015
Mellow Mushroom Spirit Night - Greenville, NCMarch 2015
Synergy Conference - Greenville, NCMarch 2015
Youth Symposium at Vidant Wellness Center - Greenville, NCMarch 2015
Chick-fil-A Spirit Night - Greenville, NCMarch 2015
Coat DriveMarch 2015
Unnatural Resources Fair - Pitt County, NCFebruary 2015
Ronald McDonald House - Greenville, NCFebruary 2015
Robox Sumo at CM Eppes - Greenville, NCFebruary 2015
Ayden Nursing Home - Ayden, NCJanuary 2015
Ayden Elementary School - Ayden, NCJanuary 2015
Family Science Night at WH Robinson - Greenville, NCJanuary 2015
NC State FLL Tournament - Greensboro, NCJanuary 2015
UNICEF's Project TapDecember 2014
Ronald McDonald House - Greenville, NCDecember 2014
Toys for TotsDecember 2014
Educational Summit - Cherry Point, NCDecember 2014
Robox Sumo at Nash County Middle School - Nash County, NC12/13/2014
Robox Sumo at Adam Ulffers' Birthday Party, Winterville, NC12/7/2014
Robox Sumo at W.A. Pattillo Middle School - Tarborro, NC12/6/2014
Ayden Rotary - Ayden, NC12/4/2014
Pitt County Animal Shelter - Greenville, NC November 2014
FLL Tournament at South Central High School - Winterville, NC11/20/2014
Physics Day AIG Program at Wahl-Coates Elementary - Greenville, NC11/15/2014
Imagination Station - Wilson, NC11/15/2014
Robox Sumo at CH Darden Middle School - Wilson, NC11/15/2014
Robox Sumo at Southern Nash Middle School - Nash County, NC11/8/2014
Robox Sumo Training for Wired Wizards - Wilmington, NC10/26/2014
Robox Sumo at Hope Middle School - Greenville, NC10/25/2014
Freeboot Friday - Greenville, NC10/24/2014
Delta Kappa Gamma Organization10/7/2014
Susan G Coleman Breast Cancer Walk10/5/2014
Cub Scout Fun Day for Robotics Merit Badge - Simpson, NC09/27/2014
Robox Sumo at CM Eppes - Greenville, NC09/27/2014
Robox Sumo at South Creek Middle School - Martin County, NC09/13/2014
J. H. Rose Club Day - Greenville, NC09/8/2014
Ayden Collard Festival - Ayden, NC09/6/2014
Freshman Move In Day, ECU - Greenville, NCAugust 2014
Pitt County Schools Tech Fest @ SCHS - Winterville, NC08/8/2014
Robox Sumo - Grady White Boys and Girls Club, Greenville, NC08/07/2014
National Night Out - Greenville, NC08/05/2014
ECU STEAM camp - Greenville, NC07/08/2014
Imagination Station - Wilson, NC07/03/2014
Robox Sumo Training-Sparky and Rotoraptors - Winterville, NC06/21/2014
Maker Faire - Raleigh NC06/07/2014
Pitt County School Board - Greenville, NC06/02/2014