The Robox Sumo program is something unique that the Pitt Pirates developed in June of 2013.  Robox Sumo is a way to introduce STEM concepts to students across a wide range of ages and skill ranges. Robox is cost effective, simple, and requires little training. The program is readily scalable to allow instructors and mentors to expand or shrink the program to meet the needs of the students. The program was held in a number of venues since its inception and followed the same structure each time. In a 3 to 4 hour session, Robox participants receive instructions, build their robots and compete. During this event students build simple robots out of the these materials:
  • cardboard
  • zip ties
  • tape
  • Gear motors
  • Wheels
  • Hot Glue
The students can build the robot any way they wish so long as it meets these restrictions. They use only the materials provided and the resulting robot must fit in a one foot cube. Robots face one another in a one-on-one match and attempt to push their opponent out of bounds within the sixty second time limit. Competition rules and Robox Sumo parts list will be published shortly.

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